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In winter, 2009, we moved China Sea to our barn and workshop in Gray, Maine, with the intention of focusing on serving customers and friends throughout the U.S. as well as in Maine. Visitors are always welcome (Map) but we ask that you call ahead.



Here is an American flag from the 18th century, found in the rafters of a 1770's building in Fells Point, Baltimore, hidden away for probably 200 years. We think it was made in Baltimore, birthplace of Francis Scott Key's “Star Spangled Banner.” Stars and Stripes of this age are exceedingly rare. Very few Revolutionary-era flags still exist. Wool flag material was hard to find in Early America. It had to be imported from Britain or spun, woven and dyed at home, a difficult, laborious process. It is in excellent condition considering its age. Testing to determine its exact age and origins—extremely important with early flags—is underway. The 13-star flag was used by the Navy on small craft until 1916. And many early-style flags were reproduced for the centennial celebrations of 1876.

Please Note: We are always willing to help identify items and share our knowledge of maritime history and artifacts with others, at no cost. We will not, however, provide casual estimates of value. As experts in our field, we provide professional, written evaluations—at reasonable rates—and will work with you if you need an insurance letter or you are donating an item to a museum, for example. For more information call 207 657-2117.

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